#howto: installing Antergos

Arch != Antergos (Arch does not equal Antergos)

Antergos is developed with simplicity in mind.

It provides a fully configured OS with sane defaults that you can use right away.

Antergos, is a Galician word (meaning: ancestors) which was chosen “to link the past with the present”.

So we welcome everybody interested in a stable High-End Linux system.

You do not have to be a Linux pro to install it,You just have to be willing to understand the system and learn to have a system ready for your needs!

/Me > i am a long term Arch Linux user (Arch since 2007 / [unix”linux”]since 1988/90) caus i like the way of minimalism/Kiss.

I love the stability and the rolling release state of time packagemanagement!

Antergos is in the core a Arch Linux system, and using the Arch-Repos + extra a repository with Antergos packages.

The installer [cnchi] shipped with a nice Life-Iso (Using the Gnome Desktop as environment)

is installing as you wish one of the Desktops:

Gnome > KDE > Cinnamon > Mate > XFCE > Openbox, or simple a base system, it will enable systemd-services, configure and design the Desktop with Icons and themes from NUMIX, and install the Desktop-Manager lightdm (grub and lightdm are themed by Antergos too).

After installation you will be welcomed with a fully usable Desktop, you can configure as you want, and you can install a mass of software from Arch Repo + PKGBUILD from AUR you get yaourt packed with the installation or you use pacaur (installable over Antergos-Repo).
 Watch some of my screenshots here: SCREENSHOTS


 Read the review on Linux.Com!
If you’re looking for your next Linux distribution, you’d be remiss in not giving Antergos a shot.
Download an ISO, burn it to a DVD or USB, select your desktop, and enjoy your seriously impressive desktop.

Get AntergosDownload

Or if you got a very new Nvidia Graphic Card try the nvidia Iso (my build  from 12.6.2017):

Antergos-Nvidia-17.6 (Iso + md5)

proudly presented on https://sourceforge.net !

You can see the sources here on my github https://github.com/killajoe/

This ISO will install the same way as the official Antergos Installer, but with the option to startup on nvidia driver, and i put htop inside because i like it 😉

On my way to getting this work i see all what a complex work it is to provide an ISO like Antergos is doing this…

It is not still perfect but work as it should do!

Feel free to comment, and contribute to enhancements on GitHub or at the Forum!

use dd to get the iso without a huzzle:
sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/antergos-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdX status=progress && sync
onto a usb stick.

On Windows try Rufus it has a build in dd mode.

Get help: Antergos Help Forum open minded newbie friendly community is waiting for your question!
For some better way to ask your question read this first:
Get Help On IRC


A good option for backup system is to backup a packages list with all packages from your actual system, but be carefull with AUR packages, you will need to do two lists one for repository packages and one for AUR packages, otherwise it will be a mess…

Creating packages lists:

pacman -Qqen > packages-repository.txt
pacman -Qqem > packages-AUR.txt

restore this:

pacman --needed -S - < packages-repository.txt

cat packages-AUR.txt | xargs yaourt -S --needed --noconfirm

Tinkersave Backup:

dd if=/dev/sdX conv=sync,noerror bs=64K status=progress | gzip -c > /path/fullimage-sdX.img.gz

This skript produce a logs.tgz to provide for investigation:

logs.sh: logs to archive skript

I just update the official installation guide in our WIKI:

Official Antergos Installation Guide

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6 thoughts on “#howto: installing Antergos

  1. Hola Joe! Llegué a tu blog por medio del foro.

    Uso AntergOS desde hace 3 años y confirmo que es una de las distros más estables que existe. También sería bueno resaltar que ‘cnchi’ se bugea bastante. Lo mejor es configurar lo básico y dejar lo demás por defecto (a excepción de particionar manualmente) para evitar que se cierre o muestre errores durante la instalación.

    Saludos desde Perú.

    1. Si en el momento en ocasiones hay problemas. Sin embargo, una instalación de Gnome nunca ha prepara un problema conmigo, siempre elegir las Cups y el apoyo de Bluez, eliminar el chromium … La única cosa que voy a tomar es que siempre tengo el disco duro completo con dd if =/dev/urandom , ya que al volver a instalar todas las particiones (con el particionamiento automático) exactamente en el mismo punto que puede causar problemas.

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