Antergos, an installer for Archlinux?

Antergos vs. ArchLinux :

Yes! Antergos is a graphical Installer to install a ArchLinux System, but Antergos have a repository with packages for Antergos.

Do the main difference to Archlinux this Antergos-system is preconfigured on many places (Theming and package sets and a lot of configurations extra like services, lightdm e.t.c.).

The idea of Archlinux is to do not provide graphical tools for installing the system, and later updating and managing packages. Archlinux philosophy is that you are learning how everything is setup and working, by do all this from scratch.

Because of this difference Archlinux do NOT provide help for Antergos over their forum and on IRC.

I would say it is only a philosophical discrepancy, that causes some disturbing on ArchLinux Forum/Groups/Bugtracker e.t.c.

But as i can see here at Antergos, newbies jumping in the cold water, after having the system ready for use, is a good start also.

In the first place newbies figure out to make work what they need, and if they come to a point where they have to go deeper inside, and they are willing to learn, it can be a softlanding to the ArchWay!

And second as it is more easy, faster and more fun to come to this point, Antergos can empower more users to contribute to the ArchLinux ecosystem, especially younger users! (demographic aging, is always a problem when distributions grow older)

On the other hand it is good to build a system on commandline administration, this is a main reason for the stability of the ArchLinux-System.

Antergos is a good shool for Archlinux.

I would wish that some of the elite from ArchLinux would start thinking in this way.

Here at Antergos we do not know stupid questions, and the philosophy is to provide help for everyone, but Antergos with a graphical installer and the possibility to manage packages with graphical tool (pamac) is also forcing the user to learn about the system.

In many ways, as it is Archlinux in its core, a lot of system-administration is done over terminal, and we can use the Archwiki for most administrations and tinkering.

All together you can simply open the bonnet and descend into the engine!

Antergos: for soft landing folks



#howto: installing Antergos


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