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Installing MSOffice2007 and MSOffice2010 through Wine

1) First install all the packages for Wine

sudo pacman -S wine winetricks wine_gecko wine-mono lib32-ncurses

2) Then install ttf-ms-fonts for microsoft fonts support:

yay -S ttf-ms-fonts


3) After that, Set up Wine Architecture and Wine Prefix as win32

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/wine32 winecfg

4) Then, install msxml3 for msoffice2007 and msxml3,msxml6 for msoffice 2010

(for msoffice2007)

WINEPREFIX=~/wine32 winetricks msxml3

(for msoffice2010)

WINEPREFIX=~/wine32 winetricks msxml3


WINEPREFIX=~/wine32 winetricks msxml6

5) Now, install samba package for winbind package as the lib32-libwbclient(winbind) package is discontinued in arch linux


sudo pacman -S samba

6) Now, install the msoffice by running setup.exe file through wine.


WINEPREFIX=~/wine32 wine /path/to/msoffice/folder/setup.exe


WINEPREFIX=~/wine32 wine /home/anybody/msoffice2010/MS Office 2010/MS Office 2010/setup.exe

Now, MSOffice is installed on your Antergos/Arch Linux system.


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