Thoughts and Thinking on EndeavourOS

Forum: https://forum.endeavouros.com/

Website: https://endeavouros.com/

Development: https://github.com/endeavouros-team

Beta-Testing: https://endeavour.kamprad.net

Some of my thinking and ideas for EnOS will be here shortly:




Our Forum at https://forum.endeavouros.com is what we are at our core, a positive vibed community with a fantastic group of moderators, and a core team behind this knitting everything together!

And sure… there is our installer, for an easy install, developed by 4 Ex-Moderators from Antergos forum… and yes we are acknowledged on some coding and on Archlinux too but we are still Rookies on what we are doing with ArchISO and calamares, it will sometimes open a rabbit hole, and on others showing a better paved road … 

So question netinstall? yes we went into a rabbit hole, but we get back to what is our goal “KEEP IT SIMPLE!” and yes we simply come back out of the Rabbit Hole and back to a paved road to launch the netinstaller asap!

This will a fire-in-the-hole test:

involved shutting down the descent rocket, blowing the bolts that attached the ascent and descent stages, switching control and power to the ascent stage, and igniting the ascent rocket while still nestled to the landing stage… Source: en.wikipedia.org

We do endeavour for you!

This Linux (EndeavourOS)  is utterly unapologetic in catering to technology hobbyists, enthusiasts, and power users. It’s for the amateurs, in that best and most original sense of the word—those who love what they do. Awesome. So isn’t Endeavour the perfect name?

Source: opensource.com

joekamprad's EndeavourOS BLOG:


Development testing a new ISO which can boot on Nvidia propritary Drivers or Nouveau (OpenSource) from the same ISO!

So that users with very new Nvidia GPU’s can use Nvidia boot option to be able to boot, and also older GPU’s  (legacy Nvidia) will be able to boot.