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Antergos Nvidia Iso

As of today, nouveau driver seem to work for newer cards too:

Unfortunately the latest NVIDIA cards are not supported by the opensource drivers yet as the developers don't have access to the data they need to implement support.

There is now a specialized Antergos .iso just for Nvidia cards!!!
I provide this Antergos Installer Iso with support for the proprietary Nvidia Driver, for very new Nvidia Cards, thouse ones will not startup the iso with the open source nouveau driver

On most of the aviable DE’s you can not choose nvidia drivers to install at the first place!
So you will need to do some more tasks, after fresh install you have to follow the Wiki to get nvidia installed onto the system:

To get nvidia drivers installed on the new system follow the wiki here:

You can see all sources on my Github: 

if you have one of thouse read here:

Lates versiuons are without bootsplash (plymouth) and without non Nvidia boot menu entries.

better support for problematic systems (UEFI-Nvidia)

here are the current downloads:



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